SHIB – How Low Can We Go

As bitcoin goes through a large correction the rest of the crypto market has followed suit. I’m wondering how low can SHIB go before we see the next rally. Today we look at the one day candles.

The next support level for SHIB is at .000035. It looks as if we could be headed in that direction. Unless SHIB can get back up to .000046 and hold here. In order for that to happen need to see BTC get back up over 60k. If not BTC another catalyst like a Robinhood or a Kraken listing can pull us out of this funk.

Depending on when you bought in the strategy is the same as I have mentioned in previous posts. Dollar cost average down to improve your position or HODL for the next rally.

In my own opinion I still feel SHIB is simply shaking out the paper hands and we can see a major rally in December. There is a lot of anxiety in the market at this time. Surprisingly the fear and greed index puts us at a neutral at the time of this writing. Looks to be inching towards fear.

In summary. If you bought at the top DCA. If your looking for an entry point now is a good time. If you’ve been holding continue to hold.

Keep it Lit. 💎🙌🏼🚀



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